Ratoh Jaroe Aceh Dance Makes the Opening of Asian Games Even More Noticeable


LIPUTAN1.COM– The opening of the Asian Games 2018 happened extravagantly. Praise was flooding. Because of the astonishing concept. Moreover, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018 also presents many Indonesian cultures. One of them is Ratoh Jaroe Dance from Aceh.

Ratoh Jaroe dance attractions are displayed colossally. The choreographer is Denny Malik, a former dancer and singer who once made a scene with the song Jalan-Jalan Sore (JJS). The splendor of this dance can be seen from the number of dancers involved. 1,600 dancers consisting of high school students throughout Jakarta.

In the hands of Denny Malik, the appearance of 1,600 dancers was truly fascinating. Various movements and dances are presented to form beautiful choreography. The cohesiveness of the dancers is also extraordinary.

Ratoh Jaroe Dance is similar to the more well-known Saman Dance. The movement is identical. However, there are fundamental differences from these two dances from Aceh.

Generally, Saman Dance is performed by men in odd numbers. This dance combines hand claps and chest claps. In addition, Saman dancers were led by several dancers who sat in the middle. Saman is a pure dance accompanied by poetry sung by the dancers.

While Ratoh Jaroe Dance is generally performed by women in even numbers. Ratoh Jaroe Dance Movement did not involve much clapping. In addition, Ratoh Jaroe Dance is controlled by two people sitting outside the dancer’s formation. While Ratoh Jaroe Dance is being accompanied by external music background or outside the dancers themselves.

Apart from that, the success of presenting Ratoh Jaroe Dance in a colossal dressing made the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya proud. He quoted, “the dance promotes the richness of Indonesian culture”.

“This dance is stunning. Very beautiful and cohesive. And it becomes a reflection of Indonesia’s affluent cultural diversity. Tatian Ratoh Jaroe became an extraordinary opening. Moreover, more dances were conveyed later own, “he explained.

According to Tourism Minister, in this spectacular event, Indonesia must be able to move all societies. “Including tourism. Because, it’s time to sell, promote Indonesia’s tourism richness to the world stage, “he explained. (*)


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