Garuda Indonesia Prepares Airbus 330 to Increase Access to and from Lombok


LIPUTAN1.COM– Tourism Minister Arief Yahya’s request to Garuda Indonesia Airlines to support access to the Lombok earthquake disaster location has continued being responded positively. Because, Lombok is one of the 10 Priority Destinations – commonly called as the 10 New Bali that is being built. “Thank you Garuda!” said Arief Yahya.

Garuda assists in increasing access to and from Lombok. A number of steps were carried out to overcome the passenger’s overflow at Lombok International Airport, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This state-owned company applies the rescheduling, rerouting and a full refund mechanism for passengers whose flights are affected by the Lombok earthquake.

Garuda Indonesia Vice President Corporate Secretary, Hengki Heriandono said, to anticipate the buildup of the passengers, Garuda Indonesia again provided extra flights, since Tuesday (7/8) for the Lombok – Denpasar route return. There are 3 flights so far.

“One of them uses A330 large body aircraft, with flight number GA4364 / ATR / DPS-LOP 08.20 LT, GA4374 / ATR / LOP-DPS / 09.40 LT, GA4377 / B738 / DPS-LOP / 08.50 LT, GA4376 / B738 / LOP -DPS / 10.35 LT, GA4506 / A330 / DPS-LOP / 13.30 LT and GA4507 / A330 / LOP-DPS / 15.00 LT, “said Hengki, Tuesday (7/8).

Previously, Garuda Indonesia had accomplished 3 extra flights for the Lombok – Denpasar route to accommodate passenger increases in both cities.

“We also enforce a reschedule, reroute, full refund policy and extension of ticket validity for passengers affected by the earthquake in Lombok at no charge,” he explained.

He added, this policy is valid until August 20th 2018. Especially for passengers who are scheduled to fly from August 6th to 11th 2018.

“This policy is being implemented as part of Garuda Indonesia’s services to passengers affected by the earthquake,” said Hengki.

Hengki hopes that these additional flights will facilitate the evacuation of tourists through Bali.

Regarding the increase in cargo shipments to Lombok, Garuda Indonesia also provides a 50% discount for the delivery of natural disaster relief goods in Lombok.

“Further inquiries regarding the discount, please contact Garuda Indonesia Cargo call center at 021-2351-9090 or at 0804 1 909090,” he said.

Furthermore, regarding the current situation, Hengki emphasized that Garuda Indonesia continues to carry out an intensive coordination with all stakeholders. Especially those related to airport services to ensure smooth flight operations from and to Lombok and Denpasar, Bali.

“Garuda Indonesia will also continue to monitor the situation and developments related to the earthquake disaster. To ensure there are no operational constraints that can disrupt flight safety,” said Hengki.

Garuda Indonesia also urges passengers to reassure their flight schedules through Garuda Indonesia call centers at 021-23519999 and 0804 1 807 807. For inquiries for passenger’s flight reschedule, please contact Garuda Indonesia Call Center (24 hours) at 021- 2351 9999 and 0804 1 807 807. and Twitter @IndonesiaGaruda.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya explained Lombok would need a lot of access, including the recovery phase. There will be numerous flows of goods and passengers. “This is similar to telecommunication, in every disaster occurs, there will definitely be a lot of demand from the affected location. Transportation is the same, therefore access must be strengthened, “he said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has specifically requested and suggested to all leaders of Foreign Airlines to prioritize passenger services. Make it easy and fast for tourists who want to change their travel plans or rerouting or to reissue their tickets.

“Thank you Garuda Indonesia. Please advise other airlines to help and not to impose penalties, “said Arief Yahya. (*)


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