Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is Made Confused by stranded Tourists in LIA


LIPUTAN1.COM– Until 21:30 WIB Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is still debating why there are still many tourists “staying” at Lombok Airport? Or Lombok International Airport (LIA). Are the extra flight being anticipated by the airlines not enough? Or is the facility or capacity of hotels in Lombok insufficient?

Tourism Minister Arief also asked for a report from his Special Staff for Access and Infrastructure, Judi Rifajantoro. What happened? “I just spoke with Garuda Indonesia General Manager at the Lombok Praya (LOP), these are the facts: 7 flights were flown today, last flight is today at midnight with CRJ to DPS all in full conditions,” said Judi.

As stated above, today means Monday, August 6 2018. Then, the accumulation of passengers at the LOP airport is currently because they already have flight tickets confirmed. Some will fly tonight, some will fly tomorrow, August 7 2018.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7, 2018, Garuda Indonesia plans to fly 6 flights. And 5 flights are fully booked. “One flight using a large body, an Airbus 330 with 300 more seats is in the process of being sold online. So, there should still be enough seats capacity, “said Judi again.

Well, the reason why people want to spend the night at the airport? “Because you don’t want to stay at a hotel!” Said Judi Rifajantoro. Maybe because of fear and trauma that there will be aftershocks.

Maybe also because you want a big place and construction that is definitely stronger, which is airport. Tourism Minister Arief was silent for a long time. What is happening with them? How come you don’t want to spend the night at the hotel? They prefer to sleep on the floor at the airport? “Hmm … Maybe it’s also because the place is open, and many friends, so they can comfort each other?”

It could also be because the airport is operating 24 hours, so they can meet with other foreigners. There are also free wifi access, so you they can do live on their social media, and video calls for free. All possible. Disaster situation, can make all anomalies.

“Hopefully they will still feel comfortable, with all services during the delivery period to the airport,” he said. (*)


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